Turn Your Roadblocks Into Milestones

Turn Your Roadblocks Into Milestones

Growing up I always got tons of encouragement from my family. I was constantly being told that I was great, it was amazing and that I could do anything. Even with constant reassurance I still battled with self-doubt. I can't say I'm completely cured but it's a lot easier to ignore that negative voice in my head, now more than ever before.

One thing I've learned is that it's way worse to wonder what would have happened if you tried that thing you thought so much about. Or think about all the wasted time and energy you spent talking yourself off the ledge before you finally decided to act. 

Before I decided to make my first youtube video I went back and forth for ages. Now I laugh at myself when I think about how ridiculous I was being. After finally starting my channel I had to realize that every single subscriber or view was important. I would get discouraged because my videos weren't getting enough views or my subscriber count wasn't moving fast enough. That's when I decided I'd make milestone videos dedicated to acknowledging every 100 subscribers.


My milestone videos are my way of saying thanks to everyone who's subscribed to my channel or watches my videos. I can also take the time to realize how far I've come. I remember saying out loud that "I only had 200 subscribers". Luckily I'm surrounded by people who want me to win because when my boyfriend heard me say that he made sure I understood that 200 subscribers was nothing to sneeze at. He broke it down to me by making me visualize myself in a room with 200 strangers who were waiting to hear what I had to say. I don't know about you but that sounded a little intimidating to me😳. 

From that point on I knew that it wasn't only about growing my subscriber count but it was also about the whole process. Isn't there a famous quote about success being a journey and not a destination? Well, it's true. 

Anything that's worth anything takes time so we have to fall in love with the process because that what it's really all about. Doing, learning and then doing again. I wish I'd learned that sooner but it's honestly the kind of thing you have to actually believe and not just know. So take the time to reflect on where you've come from and use it to fuel where you're going.