What I Wore This Week

What I Wore This Week

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Why I Started "What I Wore This Week"

As much as I enjoy fashion, picking out what I'm going to wear every day can be a chore. My day job is a typical 9-5 so it’s really easy to get stuck in a fashion rut and I definitely have in the past. Honestly, on a typical workday, I may get up from my desk a few times to use the bathroom and have lunch. Trust me I've spent many a morning contemplating how I can style my pajamas to pass as an actual outfit. 

I started my "What I Wore This Week" videos because it's an easy way to create relatable styling videos more often or at the very least help you make your everyday outfits just a little bit more interesting. It turned out to really help inspire me to be more creative with my everyday outfits. 

Since I release my WIWTW videos every week, I’ve decided to turn some of them into challenges. Some weeks I'll pick a theme and try to stick to it for the whole week. I did a “no jeans challenge” so I could come up with looks for ladies who had more wardrobe restrictions at their jobs. I almost forgot how many other choices I had in my closet besides jeans😂. For me, jeans are dressy and casual so I wear them A LOT.

Its cliché but fashion is fun and the way a lot of us express ourselves. It's one of the first things people notice about you and if you're uncomfortable with what you're wearing it shows. Looking good is subjective so I just want to share my ideas with you all and help make your outfit choices a little easier and little more snazzy 💁🏽.